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07.10.2014 Kategorie: Sicherheitsforschung, IT-Sicherheit

New Article: Sexy Defense: Maximizing the home-field advantage

The Magdeburger Journal zur Sicherheitsforschung released a new Article by Iftach Ian Amit.

Sexy Defense: Maximizing the home-field advantage

Iftach Ian Amit

Offensive security is easy, I know. But the goal of offensive security at the end of the day is to make us better defenders. And that's hard. Usually after the pen-testers/auditors (or worst - red team) leaves, there's a whole lot of mess of vulnerabilities, exposures, threats, risks and wounded egos. Now comes the money time - can you fix this so your security posture will actually be better the next time these guys come around? This article appears in the special edition "In Depth Security - Proceedings of the DeepSec Conferences". Edited by Stefan Schumacher and René Pfeiffer


The article can be found online on the Journal-Page