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DeepINTEL 2016 Call for Papers (CfP) open

DeepINTEL 2016, June 27/28 in Schladming Austria

We are calling for presentations on security intelligence.

We regard security intelligence as any information exceeding classic
techniques which enables to choose better strategies and thus to defend
information infrastructure more efficiently. At DeepINTEL we discuss
security intelligence and related topics within a closed group. DeepINTEL
is not an event open to the public.

The conference will be open to a limited audience only. All participants,
including speakers and delegates, are vetted. Our trust anchor is basically
https://www.trusted-introducer.org/, all listed members and organizations
are whitelisted. We will accept individuals vetted for. Speakers will
receive the list of participants prior to the conference.

We expect talks with the Traffic Light Protocol level Green or Orange
clearance. This is why we have choosen a closed format for DeepINTEL.

A few examples for topics (not limited to) are:

- Attribution of adversaries

- Malware analysis for better assessment of the intention of adversaries

- Capabilities of adversaries

- Connections between adversary groups (e.g. for assessing capabilities
  or intentions)

- Detection of threats not efficiently covered by classic solutions

- Projects, systems, or methods to automatically exchange and/or
  distribute security intelligence information to a limited audience

- Forensic techniques or results, revealing additional background of an

- Building honeypots to gain security intelligence, e.g. through
"tainted data" and tracking access.

- Insight into the black market

What we are _not_ looking for (there are other, more suitable events):

- Surveillance technology (new or otherwise)

- Any classic approach like off-the-shelf SIEM, vulnerability scanning
  or firewall solutions, regardless how "next-generation" they are if they
  don't employ significantly security intelligence like mentioned above

- Cyber, cyber, cyber

We strongly encourage you to submit papers encrypted to:

PGP/GPG key id: 0xE1170EDE22860969
Fingerprint   : 092C FA29 DDD9 4517 299F  9F38 E117 0EDE 2286 0969

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,
René "Lynx" Pfeiffer and Michael "MiKa" Kafka.