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New Article: XFLTReaT - Unified Tunneling

A new article has been published in the Magdeburger Journal zur Sicherheitsforschung:

XFLTReaT - Unified Tunneling
by Balazs Bucsay
 This paper aims to recognize the similarities between existing tunneling solutions and gives advice on possible framework implementation. The reference implementation can be found on Github under the name of XFLTReaT. With this framework it is possible to use only one tunneling program to use different transport protocols to tunnel data. This approach can help on both sides of the IT-security industry to implement new attack and defense scenarios.
Keywords: Tunnel, Tunneling, Transport Protocol

The article can be found in our journal archive at http://www.sicherheitsforschung-magdeburg.de/publikationen/journal.html#c363