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New Article: New Attack Vectors for Mobile Core Networks

by Silke Holtmanns

Mobile network operators connect towards each other through the private interconnection network (IPX). This closed private network enables international calls, data, messages and many other services across network and country borders.  It connects billions of users and Internet of Things devices. In the last years, evidence arose that the network has been misused for various kind of attacks. We will introduce the foundations of the interconnection network, give the security background. Outline existing attacks and describe a new charging attack. Various activities are ongoing to improve the security of the IPX network, which we will describe. We close with an overview of potential risk areas for 5G core networks.

The PDF can be found at http://www.sicherheitsforschung-magdeburg.de/uploads/journal/MJS_064_Holtmanns_MobileCoreNetworks.pdf